Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Bib for S

And again the time slips by and the machine lies dormant. It had to come out this weekend though; the arrival of a new baby rapidly getting not-so-new and still I hadn’t made anything for it. Which, admittedly, little ‘S’ probably wasn’t that bothered about, but I was. The trouble was I couldn’t think of the right idea. Before he was born – and before I knew the full extent of his name – I wanted to make him a hanging mobile of the letters of his name, which I thought would be cute. Then, when I realised he had a seven-letter name, I thought that that had passed the point of cute and was now a bit clunky – and I suddenly thought that, regardless of little S, his very fashion particular mother might find it a tad ‘du trop’ . So I dithered and procrastinated and ended up not doing anything at all. Until I realised that I was overthinking the whole matter. What does a baby really need? A bib, of course. And his mother is obsessed with Biba… Bib, Bib-a… The answer was obvious. I had just the right fabric for the job and the machine, pleased to be in use after all this time, ran it up in no time. All that was left to try it out on that certain ‘S’ and see what the reaction was…

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